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Getting Smart About Heat Pumps

Updated: May 13, 2023

Claverack Climate Smart Committee has joined the Columbia County Clean Heating, Cooling, and Energy Efficiency Campaign – Learn about Heat Pumps

This community campaign is directed by the Columbia County Climate Smart Communities Task Force. Heat Pumps are an important technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs for heating and cooling in homes and buildings. Claverack’s Climate Smart Committee is participating in this and other initiatives to address the causes of a warming climate.

The program will provide information on energy efficiency for heating and cooling by working with NYSERDA approved venders. The program is a community initiative that supports residents in exploring ways to improve how they heat and cool their buildings. Technical assistance is provided through the Capital District Heat Smart Campaign.

Additional information on in-person and online educational events will be available as the campaign unfolds. These opportunities will be posted on Claverack Climate Smart website and highlighted in our bimonthly newsletter. Visit the website to sign up for the newsletter.

To learn more about Climate Smart Communities throughout the region, head to the Town of Claverack Website or visit the Claverack Climate Smart website.

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