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The Climate Smart Claverack Committee (CSCC) supports the Claverack Town Board in an advisory capacity to choose and take actions that protect and improve the environmental and economic resources of the town and reduce energy expenses in order to build a more resilient and livable future.

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C.A.P. Review

What can the Town of Claverack do to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in our town operations?  


Review the proposed Climate Action Plan

for Government Operations.

Get Involved

Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of the month from 6-7 pm over Zoom. These meetings are open to anyone interested in hearing about the scope of various projects or joining in on the action. Email to get the Zoom link details.


Check out our Local Actions page for the projects we are currently working on as well as those we have completed.


For more information about the committee, visit our Who We Are page.

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