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Current Projects

Claverack’s Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Committee was formed to help the Town fulfill the NYS Climate Smart Pledge which the Town Board adopted in August of 2020.  The Committee  works on a range of projects, all under the purview of the NYS Climate Smart Actions Framework. In collaboration with the Town Board the Committee has identified a range of ‘actions’ to reduce GHG emissions, foster renewable energy, mitigate the effects of climate change, and build sustainability. While our agenda is broad,  our capabilities are limited by our volunteers’ time and resources.  Below we list some of the projects we have or are  working  on.  Join us.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

In 2021, the Claverack Climate Smart Committee and the Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC) completed an inventory of the 2019 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the associated costs for Claverack’s operations. The GHG Inventory found that the largest sources of both costs and emissions were from the vehicle fleet, heating fuel oil for the garage and the streetlights. Click here to read the full report.


This Inventory acts as a guide, highlighting the most cost effective and climate conscious choices when the Town Board needs to make decisions about Claverack’s future operations.

in progress

Solarize Claverack

Solarize Claverack is an exciting community solar opportunity that allows homeowners, renters and businesses to purchase their electricity from local solar farms. This is ideal for people whose locations are not suited for solar panels, who do not want to install panels or who do not own the building in which they reside or work but still pay for the utility.


This initiative is organized through Columbia County and you can find more information and details about signing up here.


Solarize Claverack is sponsored by the Town of Claverack, The Columbia County Board of Supervisors and the Climate Smart Communities Committees of both the Town and the County. To learn more click here. 


in progress


A New Town Hall

Our vacant town court and garage building in Mellenville, just across from High Falls
Conservation Area, needs replacement. The town expects to demolish the old building, parts of which date to the 19th Century and then to initiate planning for a new facility.
The Climate Smart Committee has made a series of recommendations for a new town hall and public spaces. Motivated residents can become part of a process through  community input and engagement to help guide this project. Volunteer to help the town build an affordable town complex that also protects, stewards, and enhances the natural area along the beautiful Agawamuck. To learn more click here.  

in progress

Envisioning a
Community Green

The area around the old town hall in Mellenville has amazing potential for the community of Claverack and beyond. We are in the envisioning stages for a Community Green that will create community gathering spaces as well as protect, steward, and enhance safe access to the natural area along the Agawamuck Creek with its falls, dam, historic ruins, and cooling woodlands.

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