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Solarize Claverack

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Community Solar Now Available!

Save on your electric bill AND fight climate change.

Ready to sign up now? See the directions below.

You can save up to 10% on your electric bill and receive a signup bonus by enrolling in Columbia County Solar.

Climate Smart and Community Solar are NYSERDA initiatives to incentivize towns to take climate action and support renewable energy.

Solarize is authorized by the Claverack Town Board and County BOS and is beneficial for households, our town and the planet.

The town will receive a NYSERDA grant for enrolling subscribers in Solarize and also a bonus to use for additional climate action initiatives.

Sign-up Directions (Astral/Neighborhood Sun)

  1. Read the Important Details below

  2. Go to:

  3. Click the green “Get Started” button in the upper right corner

  4. Select “Solarize Columbia County,” which leads to the Sign-Up page

  5. Enter your name, email address, zip code, phone number and utility company

  6. Use the pull down menu and choose “NO” for the LMI/Share Program

  7. Choose “Partner Organization” for How You Heard About Us question

  8. On the next page click the red “Select” button

  9. On the final sign-up page, enter your address, name on utility bill, account number and then “Continue

  10. Sign the community solar agreement by following the prompts. The first two pages are the Disclosure Form and summarize the terms of the agreement.

Important Details

  • National Grid subscribers will be asked to send Neighborhood Sun a complete copy of their National Grid electric bill

  • Community Solar subscription is NOT an agreement with a 3rd Party Energy Supply Company. Neighborhood Sun does not discount your kwh rate but instead customers receive savings from solar credits

  • Community Solar is a state program overseen by NYSERDA

  • It’s a twenty-five (25) year agreement, which you can cancel anytime without penalty by simply giving a ninety (90) day Notice to Cancel.

  • The savings is 10% off the value of credits will appear on your electric bill once the solar project is live for two meter readings

    • Ex. If the credit is $100, your savings that month = $10

    • The $10 is subtracted from your electric charges on your bill

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