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Update on Heat Pump Campaign

By: John Bradley

The Claverack Climate Smart Committee (CSC) participates in the Capital Region’s Clean Heating and Cooling Campaign to publicize and support installation of heat pumps and other energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for area residences.

The campaign provides benefits to the Town for promoting energy efficiencies and also provides financial incentives to individuals for installing heat pumps. The Clean Heating and Cooling Campaign is part of NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities (CEC) program, from which Claverack has already received awards for LED Streetlight conversion and the Solarize initiative.

CSC volunteers Tova and Bob Duggan worked with the Claverack Building Inspector’s office and local installers to identify residents who installed heat pumps. Residents may qualify for a tax credit to these energy efficient improvements. The Town of Claverack can qualify for a grant of $5,000 by documenting 5 installations (Tier 1) and an additional $10,000 with 10 more installs (Tier 2). There is also a Tier 3.

The great news is that we have already identified 15 installs and have submitted the documentation to NYSERDA. Once approved, we will apply for the grants which will be used on additional climate smart actions in Claverack. We hope to complete this process in April.

For more information on the program, contact Capital District Heat Smart . Let us know if you might qualify or are interested in participating.

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