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Our mission centers around the NYS Climate Smart Pledge  which was adopted by the Claverack Town Board in August of 2020. We are a group of residents dedicated to imagining the best future for the town of Claverack in terms of climate resiliency, infrastructure and community spaces. We work hand-in-hand with the Claverack Town Board to generate ideas and present possible solutions.


Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at the Claverack Library. These meetings are open to anyone interested in hearing about the scope of various projects or joining in on the action. If you cannot attend in person, email for the Zoom meeting information.


Current Committee Members:

  • John Bradley*

  • Elizabeth Davis

  • George Duntz**

  • Thomas Ferguson

  • Katy Flammia*

  • Tom Helling

  • Sarah Katan

  • Jeff Kiplinger

  • Victoria Masters

  • Julie Shevach

  • Brenda Shufelt

  • Bob Duggan

  • Toba Duggan

  • Reta Meisner

  • Savanna Shelnutt

  • Sam Brewster

*Denotes Co-Chairs

**Denotes Town Board member also on the Task Force



  • Thomas Paino

  • Richard Wieninger

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